2017 Guinness world records

Guinness World Records is infamous to display the extraordinary human abilities and tasks they can perform. The record book for the year 2017 is out and is available on stores and e-commerce websites. This book was initially published in the year 1995 a since then they bring the world with yearly publications of the records made by the people worldwide.

It displays all the records and efforts made by the people with their extraordinary skills. Till date, more than 138 million copies have been sold out and in over 100 countries covering 20 different languages. On explaining the world record, it is the actual global performance which is ever being recorded with respect to some specific skills and sports. The records may contain the best and the worst out of the human capabilities.

With the advent of the social networking platforms, world records have become an international trend as people perform their activities and post them on various websites. If a person is willing to challenge a record or want to show his newest and uncommon ability, the doors are always open on this particular platform. The brand has impressed the world by presenting the yearly books with astonishing pictures and details. Its latest version is out in the market with amazing facts and figures to astound the world with the latest records.

The latest they got is the exclusive Superhero section which contains the worldly information in this segment. It will show you all the leading superhero creating records across the globe. Even the Gamer edition has something special with its latest edition. It consists of the all the gaming records being performed cosmically.

Not only with humans, animals also have the special abilities and the brand is not backing to display their abilities. Its latest version of Guinness World Records Amazing Animals provides you with the list of incredible animals, the cutest, the ugliest, the furriest and the oldest of them all. These books are there to amaze you with all the astonishing records with no matter they are from human or animals or even from the virtual superheroes.

Briefing some of the extraordinary facts the 2017 records consists of the oldest manatee on the planet alive. The largest rocking chair in the world and with how much amount of wood and joining materials is used to make it. The Longest monster truck hitting the road with its massive tires and moreover ice cream is all time favorite of all grouped ages. A cone can
withstand 4- 8 scopes on an average but there are champs who will amaze you with the most scoops in an ice cream. Similarly, there are loads of such records waiting for you this season.

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