Spinnin Records, spinning the music industry

Music is something which makes your static limbs to move and get rhythmic with the tone. To get the finest music for every occasion, you have to trust the brand or the label of your concerning records. For the instance, the music label Spinnin records are heading faster with all exclusive bands and singles under its name. Formally, this brand was a Dutch company founded around 1999 by E.V. Kooten and R.D. Graf. Despite all the odds, this record brand is now overtaken by the Warner group by paying worth millions of dollars.

It in-houses all the latest genres including Electronic, EDM, House, Dance, trance, drum and bass etc. Since its occurrence, Spinnin Records have become the world leader with respect to the record names and labels. Actively it has 21 active sub-labels which come alongside with the major link and also with the specific list of artists worldwide. As per the norms, these records wholly manages the marketing, promotions, labeling and all the management responsibilities with all the artists under contract with them.

To maintain the buzz across the globe the label does not disclose the name of the artists. The list of the artists in contract with this brand is so many and their participation in the Music industry is wowed across the globe. Currently, after the company was overtaken, R.D. Graf is the active CEO and its founder E.V. Kooten has left his profile.

The band is proactive with the social networking platforms and allows the decent chance to the upcoming artists with zeal to create great music. The online playlist is updated for the week and it changes frequently with the new songs list. To feature all the latest releases and soundtracks you can visit the official website and get amazed with what they can provide you with.

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